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Monday, July 14th, 2003
10:31 pm



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Saturday, January 11th, 2003
2:26 pm

Just found out we're not going to Portland this year, but we will be going to the Warrnambool kids fest again. And there will only be two camps for the year.

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Sunday, December 29th, 2002
11:25 pm

Andrew told us yesterday that this really cool woman, Tanya (she was wearing feathers!) is going to redesign the website. Hooray hoorah and hooroo!

current mood: cheerful

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Friday, December 27th, 2002
9:32 am - It's Christmas!!!

Hello everyone, hehehehehehehehehe,
I am very happy today because today we are going to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!!! Guess what I got for Christmas. I didn't get very much because I got a keyboard and a computer program that allows you to make music and they wer really EXPENSIVE!!! The keyboard is connected to the computer if you haven't alread figured that part out already. My mum just came into the room and asked me what I was doing. I said I was writing my live journal and do you know what she asked me? She asked ho much does it cost!!!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah I was telling you guys what I got for Christmas. Well I got two sketch books, pencils, soft toy kookaburra and tazmanian devil (the kookaburra laughs when you squeeze it), a little model of a German Short Haired Pointer which is the breed of my dog, The So Fresh CD Summer Hits of 2003 & 2002, The Sims Vacation, a beach bag, two jigsaw puzzles, two CD gift vouchers, a Cd case and a model car that you have to make and paint yourself.

Toodles, Scrrrat!!!

current mood: happy

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Monday, December 23rd, 2002
1:47 pm

Colour has been changed.

What else happened at the party? Who were the Collingwood people and why were they there?

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Saturday, December 21st, 2002
11:13 pm

and oh my god
zoom = former rah!
bongo brothers = former talking drums
mate !!

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11:08 pm

mate make the grey background a darker green than the border things and the brown dates the same colour and instead of hot pink links a green and instead of yellow white. or something. jus yes mate.

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2:43 pm

Well I'm sorry, miss poopoopants, what colour would you like it to be? I tried to pick colours that matched the website (which is crap. You hear me? Crap!).

What's your favourite song on the CD?

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2:33 pm

maate this is good. except i dun like the colour. it's icky.
'leave no song unsung' as in our cd is good.
i am looking forward to tonite.....
Hosted by Susan Ann Walker.
Featuring Stonnington City Brass, the Australian Children’s Choir, children’s group ZOOM, the Hello Music Orchestra, Flip and Flop, the Bongo Brothers and a host of soloists. yay !

current mood: happy

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